(PLEASE NOTE: I’m currently taking a short break in Feb – Mar 2023 from designing art pieces due to hand surgery. Thank you)

Located in the picturesque Blue Mountains of NSW I started designing unique resin art pieces as a hobby for friends in 2020.

I love using a variety of colour shades for bowls, wooden boards and necklaces. I do favour black and white, or reds with eucalypt greens and ash greys. And any artist will tell you how satisfying it is designing ocean scenes, the aray of colour choices in aqua blues and greens and then layering for that perfect wave effect brings it’s challenges though!

Resin art takes on changes during the drying process within the colour palettes, they swirl and move till the setting stage begins. So you never know what the end result will be when inventing within this medium, however it does mean no two art pieces will look exactly the same.

Resin is used to uplift the presentation of wooden charcuterie boards, coasters, or in an ink or gemstone necklace also chakra/organite pyramids, just about anything is able to be designed using silicone molds. Adding flowers or stones, gems or statues. It’s a gift that can’t be replicated and takes time to make which is why they make unique gifts to admire and treasure. A lot of love and care goes into every design.

Being able to hold your favourite gemstone crystal necklace within your hand is very meditative but also very eye catching worn day and night! Available in oval and rectangle they are a beautiful accessory for feeling harmony while wearing.

If you’re interested in any pieces please visit my online shop or send your request through the Contact Me page.