Orgonite Pyramids are a mix of crystals, metals and resin to work on changing EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) from everyday appliances in the home. They work to change a positive ion charge into a negative ion charge. It is reported that our health is being affected by EMF more than ever before. Everything we do in our daily activities to our sleep is being compromised by EMF. Orgonite pyramids are designed to help rebalance the body and provide a better night’s sleep and harmony in the home. Having a mobile phone charging beside your bed is one reason you may be having trouble sleeping. By placing an orgonite pyramid on your bedside table it may help you get a better night’s sleep.

What Goes into making an Orgonite Pyramid?

Different crystals such as a vary of quartz wrapped in copper wire is used as a conductor taking positive ions and generating them down towards the metal in the pyramid. Any metals can be used from aluminium, steel, iron, silver, brass and gold. An orgonite pyramid requires a mixture of resin to metal shavings at a ratio of 50/50 with a small amount of quartz or crystals added to provide the ion changes. For visual appeal, any gemstones or crystals can be added. The resin does not compromise the working of the gemstone crystals and provides an appealing array of design options in a multitude of colour combinations.

The picture above shows what an orgonite pyramid looks like. This one has a Black Obsidian Sphere balanced on top of a spiral of copper within its centre is a Smoky Quartz Tower resting on crystal Adventurine, Black Obsidian and clear Quartz Crystals. Bronze mica floats through the resin like waves to give a lighter feel. Copper and black metal shavings hover above mixed metals and gold mica. No two pyramids will ever be alike….

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